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Don't Feed the Ponies Oddy 2020

Madeleine Angevine spontaneously fermented on skins for three weeks with indigenous vineyard yeasts for character, no filtration and matured under cork for two years. A unique expression of our flagship variety, with aromas of candied dried orange peel, dried flowers and honeysuckle. The palate is dry with grippy tannins and more orange peel flavours. This wine pairs perfectly with charcuterie, olives and mature cheeses. Do not chill too much and don't worry about the sediment, its natural and brings character to the wine.

This wine is part of our new Don't Feed The Ponies range of more experimental wines, a reference to a campaign on Dartmoor National Park to discourage visitors from feeding the wild horses that roam there. The source of the River Dart begins way up in the heart of the moors, and it's the river that influences how our grapes grow. For every bottle purchased from this range, we'll donate 25p to the Dartmoor Preservation Association to preserve the natural habitat.

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  • Style
    Dry / Textured / Complex orange wine
  • Grape Variety
    Madeleine Angevine
  • Vintage
  • Ageing
    3 weeks on skins
  • ABV

Wine Making

The grapes were hand harvested in September before being removed from the stems and crushed. We let the juice soak in contact with the skins for three weeks to extract flavour, colour and tannin before transferring the free run juice into stainless steel where we waited for the fermentation to take place naturally by relying upon indigenous vineyard yeasts. The wine is bottled without any fining or filtration in order to maximise flavour and texture and can therefore appear slightly hazy with some harmless sediment.