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Sharpham Brie

Inspired by Maurice Ash, Sharpham Brie is more of a Coulommier style cheese and has been hand made to Sharpham's own recipe since 1981. Buttercup yellow with fresh milk from their own Jersey herd, it is a mould-ripened cheese, firm, rich and creamy when young, softening with mushroomy notes and a chicory finish with age. Gold medal winner at the 2019 Food & Drink Devon Awards, it is beautiful when baked, pivotal to a good cheese board and a perfect partner for soft and fruity Sharpham Pinot Noir.

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  • Style
  • Milk Variety
    Jersey Cow
  • Vegetarian
  • Unpasterurised?
  • Allergens
  • Ingredients
    Milk, salt, starter cultures, vegetable rennet

Cheese Making

The cheese curd is hand ladled into moulds and turned three times in the first five hours after moulding. The next morning, the cheeses are taken out of their moulds onto draining racks. After twenty four hours draining, they are brined on racks, then left for seven days to grow their white coat, whilst being turned daily. Once the coat is fully grown, they are wrapped in breathable paper and matured to four weeks of age. On release, the cheeses have a further five weeks of life, gradually ripening from chalky to meltingly soft and gooey.