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Family & Friends Cheese & Wine Tasting Event (online)

The perfect gift for friends or treat yourself!

Join Greg Parsons, owner of Sharpham Cheese and Tom Wedgery, winemaker and expert from Sandridge Barton, the new home of Sharpham Wine @ 7pm on Friday 3rd February for our first tasting event of 2023.

Along with our wonderful cheeses & wines from Sharpham, we will also feature beer from our South Devon neighbours Hunters Brewery, Cider from nearby Hunt’s and a guest cheese from Quickes, plus crackers and chutney for good measure, enough for at least 6 people (depending on how thirsty you are!).

Greg & Tom will guide you through the tastings, with lots of fun and facts along the way.

The ‘tasting box’ will arrive a day or two before the event and we’ll send you a Zoom link by separate email.

If you would like to join the Zoom session without buying the Tasting Box, you’d be very welcome. Just drop an email to with Zoom Tasting in the subject line and we will add your email to the list.

The tasting box includes: Cheeses from Sharpham will be the legendary Sharpham Brie, Ticklemore Goats, Rustic Chive & Garlic and our new Rushmore goat & cows milk cheese, plus Vintage Cheddar from Quickes. For drinks Tom has selected Sharpham Estate Selection and Pinot Rose, plus Elmhirst Ale from Hunters Brewery and Wobbler Cider from Hunts. For company we’ll include one of our Sharpham chutneys and a couple of packets of our new Sharpham Sourdough Crackers.

As a Christmas gift, we will send the lucky recipients a ‘letter box ‘box” with their voucher, details of the event and a little gift from us! We will send this before Christmas day (you can decide when).

Free Delivery on all orders over £150